For more detailed informations, will be announced, 30 days before the exhibition takes place

Εxhibitions for 2019 

Patras, April    (Agora Argyrh, Group)

Zakinthos,  July,  (Galaxy  hotel, Individual)

Zakinthos, August,  (Luis Sentido  hotel, Individual)

Xylokastro, August  (Sf Art place) 

Patras, August,  (Mediterranean Races,  Agora Argyrh, Group)

Hydra Island, September  (Munucipality of Hydra, Individual)

Patras, September, (Polyedro, Art Place)

Larissa October  (Remember me Restaurant  gallery, Individual)

Future Exhbitions  2020
Athens  Embassy of Venezuela  (Group)
Athens Embassy of Cuba 
Halkidiki Poligiros  ( Individual)
Larissa    ( Individual)
Kefallonia Argostoli   (individual)
Santorini   (Individual)
Amorgos  (Individual)
Mykonos  (Individual)  
Zakynthos   (Individual) 
Leros  (Individual)