''The inspiration for the artist is like breathing, you do not think when you breathe''

Sokratis Evgenidis

CV short


Greek painter, born in 1958 in Patras. From a very young at the age of 8 years, he showed great interest in painting and finally followed this artistic path, his path is divided into two periods. The first period concerns, 1982 to 1989, participating in many solo and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad and the second period concerns, 2017 and onwards. 

He started semi-professionally in 1982, when he was 22 years old, essentially self-taught. In 1985, Dimitris Mitaras, Rector of the Athens School of Fine Arts, was impressed by his artistic dexterity and asked him to attend the School, as a special talent. He accepted this honorary invitation and attended independent painting classes in the art workshop of School of Fine Art, until 1987. He attended freelance lessons of the Russian School Painting in Florence. 

From 1989 until 2017, he abstained from increased painting activity. In this period, his painting passion was only expressed during his free time. His of absence from professional painting in this period, perhaps hindered the recognition he truly deserved. In 1985, he awarded, in a national painting competition, in Piraeus, as best younger, talented painter in Greece. His paintings can be found in art venues, Museums, Art Galleries and private collections, in Greece, UK, USA, Japan, Canada, Australia, etc. 

Upon his return in 2017, he was twice selected Artist of the Month for 2019 and 2020 by Art & Design Inspiration in the United States, in 2019 the American U Gallery selected him among the best seascape artists, in 2020 five of his works of art are selected from Singulart in France, among the best 300 seascapes of the year. His works of art were quickly adopted by collectors in Europe, the USA and Asia. 

In a very short time, he was accompanied by many proposals, artistic spaces, to present his works and technique, inspired mainly by the Greek History, sea, nature, but also in general his artistic search has no barriers, the Greek History, the universe, society, science, woman and the evolution of life, are imprinted on the canvas in a transparent and clear visual way.  

Constantly updating his knowledge with new methods and techniques applied in contemporary painting, he believes that we do not learn anything for a period of time in our lives, on the contrary, evolution and recognition comes through our total participation and relentless knowledge until end!

His artworks are preferred by collectors all over the world and are immediately depleted, rarely has he artworks for sale. He does not give in to the constant proposals and cannot enter into agreements with Art Galleries from all over the world, as he is unable to supply them with his artworks.

He is invited by artistic spaces (Art Galleries, Art Halls, Art Café etc) and prefers to paint in front of the public, but also in the countryside, so far he has painted in Santorini, Mykonos, Monemvasia, Paros, Arkoudi Ilia, Ancient Olympia etc. In recent years he has painted in Central Park of NYC, in the United Kingdom in London, in Rome, in Barcelona, in Saint Petersburg etc. 

In the summer of 2021 he presented his work and painted in front of the Santorini audience at Art Space where all his works were sold out! 

Activities for 2022

In the spring he has planned a solo exhibition in London where he will present his latest collection of themes from Ancient Greece. He considers it his obligation to contribute with his art, to the specified return of the marbles and sculptures to the country where they were created and belong!

In the summer of July, he has planned exhibitions, in art spaces as well as the creation of works of art live in front of the public, in Central Park, New York!

From the beginning of August, for the second consecutive year he will exhibit his work simultaneously in Santorini at the Art Space Gallery, at Luxury Hotels, Costa Navarino in Pylos and Elysian in Kalamata as well as at the Cayenne Restaurant in Sifnos

His technique, he uses both oil and mixed paints and lately he has added sculpture on canvas, his inexhaustible theme triggers emotions in viewers, mainly with Hellenic History, reference to nature, the Greek landscape and the sea. His paintings, created using brushes and palette knives, express modern, contemporary, free and decisive movements, influenced by impressionism, yet with an expressionistic twist. Without always avoiding contours, but often with an abstract predisposition, he prefers to guide the view and perception of viewers, through intense color correlations and an entirely personal style. The unique relationship he develops on the canvas with the colors, techniques and materials is shaped a lyricism, which is the result of the religious devotion that Sokratis Evgenidis has found in the unwritten rules of this exquisite art.


Recent artistic activities:

Individual Exhibitions

● Thessaloniki, Myro Gallery

● Patras, Agora Argyrh - Polyhedron

● Spetses, Anargyrios School

● Hydra, Municipality

● Zakynthos, Sentido Luis

● Xylokastro, SF Space Art

● Larissa, Remember me

● Halkidiki, Marelia Art Place

● Santorini, Art Space, Argyros

● Amorgos, Aegialis Art Place

● Athens, E Studio Gallery

● Patras, Polyhedron

● London, Hellenic Centre


Group Exhibitions:

● Embassy of Venezuela, under the supervision of Historical Art, Annita Patsouraki

● Embassy of Cuba, under the supervision of Historical Art, Annita Patsouraki

● Art Prize Luxemburg


Invited by the art spaces for artistic participation (time period Covid 19) :

● MADS Gallery, Milano

● NYART Gallery, New York

● MAMAG Museum, Vienna

● ITSLIQUID, Venetia

● PERSEUS Gallery


● Rossocinabro Gallery, Rome

● MONAT Gallery, Madrid


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