And the continuation of such a work is a Creation

With my grandson (Sokratis Evgenidis JR)

''The inspiration for the artist is like breathing, you do not think when you breathe''

Sokratis Evgenidis

CV Short

(Essential things about the artist)


Greek painter born in 1958 in Patras. From a very young age of 8, he showed great interest in painting and eventually followed this artistic path. His journey can be divided into two periods: the first from 1982 to 1989, participating in solo and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad, and the second from 2017 onwards.


He began semi-professionally in 1982 at the age of 22. In 1983, Dimitris Mytaras, the Dean of the Athens School of Fine Arts, was impressed by his artistic structure and invited him to attend classes at the School as a talent. At that time, due to his already established family obligations, full integration into the school was impossible. However, he accepted this highly honorable invitation and attended independent painting classes at the art workshop of the Athens School of Fine Arts until 1985.


From 1989 to 2017, he distanced himself from increased professional activity. During this period, his passion for paining was expressed only during his free time. His absence from professional painting during this time may have hindered the recognition he truly deserved.


In 1985, he was awarded in the national painting competition in Piraeus as the youngest talented painter in Greece. His paintings can be found in art spaces, museums, art galleries, and private collections in Greece, the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan, etc.


In 2017, with his return to professional activity, he presented his art in galleries in Greece and abroad. He painted in public spaces in London, Istanbul, Limassol, Southampton, Rhodes, and continuously in Santorini, where his works have been represented and presented by the Art Space Gallery since 2019. He was chosen as the Artist of the Month twice in 2019 and 2020 by Art & Design Inspiration in the United States. In 2019 the Art Gallery Singulart ranks five of his artworks among the top 300 seascapes of the same year.


In May 2022, in London and under the auspices of The Hellenic Center Of London, he presented his individual exhibition art "It's Time...!" which was created exclusively for the demand for the return of the sculptures and Marbles of the Parthenon. At the event, Victoria Hislop awarded him an honorary distinction representing The British Committee for the Reunification of the Parthenon Marbles.


He continually updates his knowledge, applying new methods, materials, and techniques demanded, in his opinion, by contemporary painting and, more broadly, the evolution of our culture. He believes dogmatically that "...a short period in our lives (study period) is not enough for us to believe that we have learned the subject we think we have studied! On the contrary, the modern era, our evolution, and our recognition require incessant work and enrichment of our knowledge until the end!"


His artworks are preferred by art enthusiasts and collectors worldwide and are usually sold out immediately, often when he creates them in front of the audience during his tours.


The technique is characterized by pluralism, using oils, mixed colors, and lately adding sculpture on canvas, using natural materials such as marble, granite, sand, etc. The inexhaustible theme of his work provokes mixed emotions in viewers, mainly in relation to Greek history and nature, the Greek landscape, and the sea. His paintings are primarily created with brushes, spatulas, construction tools, and various objects. They are expressed and captured with modern, contemporary, and free movements, characterized by impressionism but also with an expressionistic twist. Without always avoiding outlines, he often prefers an abstract predisposition, guiding the perspective and perception of the audience through intense color correlations and shaping a lyrical result. This result is the product of the religious devotion that Socrates Evgenidis found in the unwritten rules of this unique art.Αρχή φόρμας


Fine Arts Society of Patras Kostis Palamas